Transparent luxury

Our own take on “less is more”.

This villa is located on a magnificent parcel on the shores of Lake Geneva. On its northern edge, the site is protected from a noisy street by an “inhabited wall” built in local sandstone, which houses the garage and a gardening room.The villa and its park are broadly opened towards the south and the east in order to provide unobstructed views towards Geneva and the Mont Blanc.

The outdoor spaces are designed as an extension of the interior. This spatial continuum is achieved thanks to the use of the same materials inside and outside, and thanks to the suppression of all possible architectural barriers. The windows are frame-less Vitrocsa panels with seamless doorsteps. This openness between outdoor and indoor spaces continues inside the villa, with openings between the different parts of the program. The use of high-quality materials underlines the spirit of a minimalistic architecture, yet with focus on perfect details.

This project was designed with our sister office De Giovannini SA.