DGA is a multicultural and multigenerational team of architects who share a common passion for housing.

DGA’s work focuses on the field of housing. We have worked on residential projects of various sizes and budgets, from small apartment renovations to neighborhoods, from luxury villas to social housing. Our clients are private persons, residential developers, housing cooperatives, and social housing companies.

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Our Mission

We limit our scope of work in order to focus all our efforts, research and ideas on what we do best. That is our pledge to provide consistent expertise and quality. We are transparent about our limits and surround ourselves with qualified partners whenever necessary.

We question assumptions in order to develop projects which really answer the client’s needs and bring value to their lives and to their environment. We aim at designing spaces which fit people, and not the other way around.

We develop a sustainable architecture. This means that we question the materials and energy use, understand and design the climates in the spaces we shape, and encourage quality, durability or flexibility.

We believe that everyone should enjoy well-designed great spaces, regardless of their budget. We founded two housing cooperatives which provide affordable housing, and offer low-cost products which enable everyone to afford the services of an architect.

Our Team

DGA is a multicultural and multigenerational team of architects who share a common passion for housing.

Simon Broniatowski

Simon grew up between Venice and Paris. During his studies, he collaborated for the architecture magazines d’a and criticat, and worked for Pritzker-Prize laureate Christian de Portzamparc. He was an assistant for the housing studio of the IUAV architecture school. After practicing in Zurich and Geneva, Simon opened DGA in Berlin in 2013, which he has managed since. Simon speaks Italian, French, English, German and Hebrew.

Hervé De Giovannini

Hervé established his office in Geneva and Lausanne in 1984. He planned and built dozens of buildings ranging from small renovations to new neighborhoods. He was an assistant at the housing studio of the EPFL architecture school, and is a founder of the “Rhône Arve” housing cooperative in Geneva. Hervé is also a co-founder of DGA for which he brings his expertise notably in the field of design and construction. Hervé speaks French, Italian and English.

Miljana Nikovic

Miljana grew up in Serbia and Switzerland. She finished her Bachelor in France and her Master in Germany. After working in several Berlin offices and gaining experience in the field of office planning, Miljana joined DGA in 2018. She is in charge of design and construction permit phases for several projects in Switzerland. Miljana speaks Serbian, French, English and German.

Robert Ostmann

Educated in Berlin and Barcelona, Robert worked for several years as an architect in Zürich, where he gained expertise in economic aspects of sustainability. Back in Berlin in 2010, he founded a consultancy company focusing on socially-oriented projects. Robert joined DGA in 2014. Since 2016 Robert also manages “urban coop berlin”, a project development company focusing on housing cooperatives. Robert speaks German, English and Spanish.

Weronika Siwak

Weronika grew up in Poland, where she finished her Bachelor's degree. As an exchange student, she studied and practiced in Portugal. She later worked as a trainee for award-winning offices in Gothenburg and Stockholm with focus on housing and wooden construction. Weronika has been a student worker at DGA since 2016. She perfects her training while offering valuable assistance to our team. Weronika speaks Polish, English, German and Portuguese.

Katja Zimmerman

Growing up in Germany, Katja studied architecture in Vienna. During her studies she collaborated with architecture offices in Vienna and Paris. After practicing in Geneva and Zurich, notably for our partner office De Giovannini SA, Katja joined DGA Berlin in 2018. She is a project leader on German projects and also focuses on information organisation. Katja speaks German, English and French

Kathrin du Hamél

Kathrin grew up in Berlin. During her studies she lived and worked in Australia and in Copenhagen. She graduated with an urban design Project in Tanzania. She successively worked in a Kreuzberg architecture office, focusing mostly in planning and construction management of new buildings and conversions alike. Kathrin joined DGA as a project architect in 2018. She speaks German and English.

Madeleine Beven

Madeleine grew up in Australia, where she completed her studies in 2013. Her interest in architecture of all scales has led her the to gain a broad range of project experience, contributing to both architectural and interior based projects in the commercial, education and housing sectors. Since joining DGA in 2018, Madeleine’s focus has been directed towards BIM transition and execution planning.

Former colleagues

Patricja Stal, Stephanie Taffut, Charline Dayer, Johannes Jaki, Daniela Solano, Kristina Keutgen, Charlotte Grasselli, Corinne Vial


Our Partners

We believe that the best results are achieved through collaboration. We always look forward to establishing teams with partners of different backgrounds to work together towards a shared goal. Our most trusted collaborators include:

De Giovannini SA
Our partner office based in Lausanne and Geneva. Together, we plan beautiful, efficient and sustainable housing projects in Switzerland.

Coopérative Rhône Arve
A Geneva based housing cooperative. We support them and their projects, which create affordable and sustainable housing in one of the world’s most expensive cities.

Urban Coop Berlin
Our contribution to solve Berlin’s housing crisis and to bring social and architectural innovations in the field of housing. Urban Coop Berlin develops innovative and participative housing projects in the form of cooperatives.

A team of facilitators, developers and project managers who implement impactful projects in and around Berlin.

An urban planning office which focuses on creating lively new neighborhoods and orienting city growth around the globe.

Baeucker Sanders GmbH
Our creative and reliable Berlin-based graphic designers.