Learning from Switzerland

DGA’s Hervé, Robert and Simon took part in Urban Coop Berlin’s field trip in Switzerland. The occasion to learn from community projects in Zürich and Geneva.

Urban Coop Berlin (UCB) develops housing cooperative projects under the motto “flexible, fair, collective, responsible”. As founding members of UCB, Hervé, Robert and Simon took part in UCB’s field trip. In Zürich, we visited the cooperatives “Kalkbreite” and “Mehr als Wohnen” and met the city service responsible for providing funds for social housing. In Geneva, we visited the cooperatives “Rhône-Arve Jonction” (find out more about our project here) and “Codha les Ouches”.


We focused on the sizes, number and uses of communal rooms in community projects, issues of noise and privacy, common activities and how are they supported by design, the size of individual apartments, the nature of openness to the neighborhood, and how to achieve a lively diverse community through effective development and design. The results of this and other learning enrich DGA’s work on all our projects.