Our Process – Build

Discover here how to turn your construction permit into a built home.

Congratulations! You have completed the design and obtained all the necessary approvals for your project. You now wish to build and to enjoy your new home or investment. Depending on your goals, you may want to directly proceed with your contractor, or proceed with the remaining HOAI phases. You may also not exactly exactly know how to go further.
DGA offers the following possibilities for the execution of your project.

variant A: The complete architectural package:

With the end of the design (link to the “design” blog post) step , you have successfully completed the HOAI’s LPH 4. You like the clear structure of the project and wish to continue working with it. Here are the next phases until completion. These can also be booked individually if required.

LPH 5 – Execution planning:
The approved project is detailed together with the other involved specialists until all the individual pieces of information (drawings and text) required for the execution are ready.

LPH 6 – Preparation of the tendering process:
Preparation, approval and submission of tenders by service area, including directories, quantity survey, cost control and time planning.

LPH 7 – Assisting with the awarding process :
Inspecting and evaluating of offers, including preparation of the price comparison list by individual positions, inspecting and evaluating of offers for additional or changed services of the executing companies and the adequacy of the price. Comparison of the tendering result with the cost calculation, performance of bidder discussions, and assisting with the order placement.

LPH 8 – Construction monitoring:
Monitoring of the project execution for compliance with the public approvals, the contracts with the executing companies, the execution documents, the relevant guidelines and the generally recognized engineering practice. Preparation, updating and monitoring of the time schedule, auditing, cost control, documentation, handovers…

LPH 9 – Project supervision:
Project inspection, Specialist evaluation of the warranty claims.

variant B: Project handover:

This variant is ideal if you wish to hand over the project to a general contractor or if your project is located outside of our geographical area of expertise. DGA can provide a detailed project description which highlights the points which should not be subject to compromise. As an option, we help you select the best execution team based on your project’s unique features.

Detailed project and services description:
Description of the project with quantity survey, choices of products, surfaces…

Tendering and awarding an execution planning team:
Preparation, approval and submission of tenders for the latter phases (LPH 5-9), inspecting and evaluating of offers, performance of bidder discussions, and assisting with the order placement.

The detail of the content of each service phase, its cost and its options can be found in our comprehensive list of services which you can download here.

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