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DGA offers flat-rate services to help you start your project right and fast. Find out more here.

The early phase of your project is where you define the brief and goal of the project before starting to design. This allows you to enter the next phase with confidence and with a clear plan. It is also the occasion to quickly test some basic concepts on a specific terrain to check their feasibility.

The pre-design phase is also the perfect occasion to test your relationship with an architect before committing to the next big steps.
During the earlier phases of a project, it can be difficult to calculate a construction cost or a planning fee. Our flat-rate packages are not binding for the customer. They offer clear answers to our clients questions and set the basis for a successful project. Fast, easy, and with clear results.

Here are our flat-rate packages that help you start right.

A – Goal definition:
Knowing the goal you intend to reach is key for a successful planning. We listen to your aspirations and define together the priorities of your project.

B – Program definition:
Formulation of your dreams and goals into a space allocation diagram, which will be the base for further planning.

C – Legal check:
Research and summary of the applicable planning rules. Explanation of their meaning for further planning.

D – Architectural feasibility:
Test of several architectural concepts for your site. Study of their potential, costs estimation, verification of the compliance with planning regulations, suggestion of one favored option as the base for the design phase.

E – Financial feasibility:
Financial calculation of the architectural feasibility based on several influencers, i.e. land ownership model, building type, interest rate, program…

Our flat-rate packages are delivered as handy brochures in paper and PDF. They are the tool you need to decide how to continue with your project.

The detail of the content of each package, its price and its options can be found in our comprehensive list of services which you can download here.

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