Cooperative village. Modern living in a semi-rural context

Our solution for densifying an old village while strengthening its character.

North of Lausanne, the city has been trying for several years to densify the existing villages.

The brief called for the planning of cooperative housing on two different sites. We suggested a common architecture inspired by the local barns. Clusters of buildings are grouped along a mineral courtyard. Three “islands” are thus defined, around which nature remains untouched. The buildings are staggered in order to offer generous views to all apartments. In order to rationalize the construction and costs, a maximal number of elements are standardizes, while their layout is specific to each building’s context. In accordance with the strict requirements of the Minergie P éco energy label, all envisioned materials are healthy (recycled concrete, clay bricks, natural insulants, wooden cladding) and limit as much as possible the needs in grey energy.

This project was designed in collaboration with our sister office De Giovannini SA.