Affordable quality

A rational planning enable these apartments to offer generous spaces on a budget.

“Le Patio” offers high standing apartments for affordable prices. The 2 symmetrical buildings (one condominium and one leased) are accessed through a central patio designed around a basin which forms the meeting place for the residents.

The ensemble is easily discernible by its atypical materials: black prefabricated concrete facades enriched with rock splits, and emerald green glass balustrades accentuating the terraces and balconies. The two to seven-room apartments are crossing and offer a large room which reunites living room, dining room and kitchen. By positioning this living space in the center of the apartments, corridors become unnecessary, which enables for larger rooms. Each apartment has large outdoor

spaces in both orientations. The ensemble is certified with the green energy label “Minergie”.


This project was designed with our sister office De Giovannini SA.