Architectural Consulting and Planning Services for Residential Projects

DGA is a Berlin-based architecture office providing expertise for housing projects. Our result-oriented practice provides clear and quick answers for unique situations. We help defining the goal of each project, and develop sustainable solutions which bring value to our clients and to the environment.


Our process

1. Understand

We help clients define their goal and the project’s brief. This is done through simple flat-rate, low-commitment consultancies. We make sure that everyone involved shares a common understanding so that every further step is taken in the right direction.

2. Design

We try out as many variants as possible to ensure that the selected one is indeed the best. We then develop the chosen option up to the construction permit.

3. Build

We detail the project and highlight the points which should not be subject to compromise. We select the best possible team for the execution, based on your project’s unique features.

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„Das Büro DGA schafft es hervorragend die Bedürfnisse des Zusammenlebens mit gelungener Architektur zu verbinden. Für soziale Belange des Wohnens beispielsweise von Menschen mit Betreuungsbedarf werden in der Planung gut durchdachte Lösungen gefunden.“

L.I.S.T GmbH, Berlin